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The Full Story

It was on New Year's Eve 1992/93, as my wife Monica and I were watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve on television that the concept for FirstEve was conceived. It occurred to us that we have a city square, with a flagpole, we can do this in Menasha! 


The Creation of the First Ball

With the help and expertise of many creative friends, Elmer & Mabel Becher of Becher Electric who were our "go to's" for our electrical needs, two coworkers, Bob Endter, who is a metal fabricator, and Gary Breening, who is a welder, the first replica ball was created. It was 6-foot in diameter and consisted of 140 light. Through the years, it has been a pleasure and an honor to highlight featured guests and they countdown the seconds that will herald in the New Year. 


Sharing that moment in time which holds the hopes and dreams of each person who gathered in Menasha's Curtis Reed Square as the new year arrives is a great joy. This year would have been our 3st year (2023-24).                                             


James Taylor

FirstEve Co-Founder


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